Benefits of Using A Virtual Office Address

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What Is A Virtual Address?

For anyone who is new and do not know what a Virtual address is. Virtual Office is simply an Address you can purchase where your mails can be forwarded to. Virtual Addresses are usually purchased by new-start ups due to their circumstance. Below I have listed some reasons why you should purchase a Virtual address.

1. Cheap

If you have done your research, you will realise how cheap virtual addresses are in London, compared to paying for actual physical address. The budget of start-up ups are usually low, this is why it is recommended to buy virtual address at the beginning.

2. Protects your home address

When forming a limited company, an address is required by companies house. One mistake a lot of people make is that they use their home address (Wrong idea!!!) when forming a company. This address will become visible and anyone can see it. Imagine your clients turn up at your door “Hey there, can I get my £14.99 refund.”

It is important to separate your home address and keep it hidden. With a virtual address, you can use that and keep your home address safe.

3. Professional business image

When forming your company and registering with Companies House, your office address will be visible. You definitely don’t want your home address or a residential address visible. A nice commercial address will give your customers a boost to buy from you or use your service