Q. How does the mail forwarding work?

A. 1. Choose the service that suites your business

2. You can then use our address

3. When mails arrive, We will we notify you

4. After notifying you, we will post it (If you have scan, we will scan it before posting)

Q. How long does it take to register?

A. You can register with us super quick.  Within 1 hours from receiving the proof documents

Q. Do I need to send you Proof of ID and Address to use your service?

A. Yes, we will need those documents to confirm identity. We are regulated under the anti-money laundering act. This process is action to ensure all fraudster are filter out.

Q. How do I pay?

A. You can make the payment on our website. Please click on the service you want and option to pay will be available. 

Q. Are there any set up charges?

A. There are no setup charges for any of our service.  

Q. How quickly will you process the mail?

A. We will try our best to send it our immediately the same day we receive it.  

Q. Can I upgrade my package?

A. Yes you can upgrade. Please email us for more details.  

Got a question that is not above. Email info@cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk 

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