Terms and Conditions

Below you will find the Terms and condition of cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions of www.cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk.

These Terms constitute a legal agreement between Cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk [or other terms which we may use such as ‘us’ or ‘we’ which all refers to the owner of the website] and you (either personally or entity). Below you will find the full Terms and Conditions.

You agree that by accessing Cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk, you have read, understood and agree to all Terms & Conditions written and set by us. If you disagree with any of the Terms and Condition, you must discontinue.

It is your responsibility to continually review these Terms and Conditions to stay informed of updates and changes made from us. Those from other locations (Outside United Kingdom) who choose to access, accept our terms and register are solely responsible to be compliant with their local laws.

Services: As a condition of use, you promise not to use our services or virtual address provided by us for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by our Terms and Conditions. Our virtual address which we may display on our website, email or over the phone cannot be used for any purposes before registration. We do not permit the use of our address for vehicle registration, Dvla, parking fines or driving license.

Under any circumstances we cannot offer you the virtual address or services your signed to, you will be given two weeks’ notice and refunded for the remaining months.

Expiration: All services which are displayed on www.cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk are provided for one year unless stated otherwise by us. As a condition of use, you agree to take immediate action when your account or services expire. You must renew your services immediately before it expires if you intend to continue using our virtual address. In the case where your services expire and you do not intend to renew, you are obligated to remove our address from all areas immediately.

Identification: You are required to provide identification to use our virtual address or any services provided by us. It is your responsibility as a customer to provide proof of Identification and proof of address. Falsifying or providing fake documents is a serious criminal offence and we are happy to refer it to local authority.

Refund policy: We are happy to offer any refunds if you are not satisfied with the virtual address or service. Refund requests must be made in writing within 14 days of purchase. No refunds will be given if our services have been used in any form.

Forwarding:All services provided by www.cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk that includes mail forwarding, your letters will be forwarded on to the address you’ve signed up with. We do not permit or allow you to arrange the delivery of any harmful, unlawful, threatening or otherwise objectionable materials, in the case such documents, items or material is found we reserve the right to dispose of it and contact the police or local authority.

Communication: Cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk will communicate with you through email, phone or post. As a condition of use, you accept and allow cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk to communicate with you by the method mentioned above.

: Due to the nature of service we provide, we cannot be held responsible for any costs, lost, damaged, mis-delivery or late mail delivered to the virtual office address and forwarding it on to your registered address. You hold all responsibility to ensure letters sent to the virtual office address have the proper cover.

Indemnity: You agree to indemnify cheapvirtualoffice from losses or costs you or any third party incur. All your information you provide will be kept safe and confidential. We will not share your information with any other parties.