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Give the perfect impression of your business with a virtual address near central London. Perfect for new startups and existing businesses.

What you need to know about Cheap Virtual Office

Cheap Virtual Office is a London based Virtual address provider. We do what our name says, which is provide an affordable Cheap Virtual address so you can project a more professional image and focus on making your business grow and succeed.

Our Virtual address services can be used for Registered office address, Business address, Company address, Company formation, Mail forwarding address and more.

Cheap Virtual office is officially registered with HMRC, Companies House and Trading Standards. We are an authorised and approved Virtual Address provider. We are based in the heart of London. Cheap Virtual office is run by a team of experts always looking to innovate and exceed customer’s expectation.

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Why choose Cheap Virtual Office?

Your Comfort is Our Priority

Central London Address

Virtual address is located 10 minutes from Baker Street station. The Perfect mail forwarding address in the heart of London.

Fast Service

Receive your Virtual address fast. Be up and running within few minutes after purchasing.

Secure payment

Cheap Virtual office website is SSL Encrypted, with many other security measures, ensuring it is safe and secure for you to pay and use.

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What our clients say
Iftikhar Ahmed
Iftikhar Ahmed
Excellent Service! Not missed any letter. Thanks
Great service. Thank you
Shabbir khan Dickens
Shabbir khan Dickens
Very good services
James Catlin
James Catlin
Great Company & Services, Really allowed us to get started and off our feet, their support has really allowed us to grow us a company and I cannot recommend them enough
The best virtual office provider around. They are honest, affordable and reliable. 100% recommend.
Sat In Silk
Sat In Silk
CVO are a good company who help provide support to small and start up businesses and other's. The packages are varied and tailored to different customer needs and for the most part they are pretty straight forward. I have been using them for just under a year now and for the most part find them efficient in returning messages in good time and following up with mail delivery, as well as offering alternative packages to better suit your style of business. I would advice they include more postal options for receiving mail in each package, but other than that, they are a great company which I have grown to like and built a dynamic with. If you are considering a virtual space or additional domain. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a credible and reliable office/business domain.
Jim Fell
Jim Fell
Does exactly what it says on the tin!
chami bob
chami bob
Excellent service highly recommend
H Raouf
H Raouf
New to CVO and so far very satisfied. Not the most glamorous address but does the job and much more cost efficient than other virtual office providers.
Waqar Cheema
Waqar Cheema
Very timely and efficient

Why you should join us?

Virtual office address in the heart of London

With a virtual office located in central London near Baker Street, Marylebone and Edgeware Road station, you can project a more professional and impressive image of your business.

No set up cost or hidden fees

We are transparent with our virtual address price with no hidden charges attached to them. We do not have any set-up cost or additional fees.

Email notification for all posts

Every time we receive any mail for you, we’ll notify you via email. It will then be posted or scanned depending on the service you have purchased.

Scan & Email service available

If you need to access your letters immediately from your virtual address, the scan and email service is perfect for you. We will scan the content and email it to you.

We guarantee price match

At Cheap Virtual Office, we believe in delivering cheap, affordable and competitive price. We are super confident with our prices that we guarantee to price match it.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Check out our top frequent asked questions related to Virtual address and mail redirection.

Visit our Help Centre for more question and answers.

What is a virtual office address?

Even with the word virtual in it’s name, it is actually a real address which exists. A virtual address is an physical address which you can use to promote your business. Renting an office can be costly. A virtual address is a solution for businesses that want to promote their business with a prestigious address without having to pay a huge amount for renting or buying.

How does a virtual address work?

Most virtual address providers generally advertise similar services which all work alike. The method is very simple. You first purchase the service along with the address you want. After the virtual provider checks all your details and gives you the thumbs up, you are ready to promote that address for your business. All mails such as letters and parcel sent to the virtual address will be forwarded to you by post or email.

Why use a virtual address?

Virtual addresses are a popular solution for anyone that does not have a physical business premise and wants to promote their business. There are many benefits of using a virtual address, such as

  • Virtual addresses are cheaper than renting or buying.

  • Professional business image

  • Protect your home address

Are virtual address legal to use?

Virtual addresses are perfectly normal and legal to use. This service is recognised by the HMRC and Companies House. All virtual address providers are closely monitored by local authorities and other government sectors.

What is a Registered office address?

A registered office address is the official address of a company registered with Companies House. By law, any companies registered must provide a registered office address Correspondence. And legal notices from UK government agencies are delivered at the registered office address.

What is Director’s Service address?

When forming a limited company, it is required to appoint one director and one shareholder minimum (They can be the same). It is also required that a correspondence address for that director is provided.

Can someone living outside the UK use virtual address?

A virtual address can be purchased and used by anyone in the world. There is no restriction based on where you live. Most virtual address providers accept customers outside UK.

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