About Cheap Virtual Office

Cheap Virtual Office is a London based virtual address provider. We do what our name says, which is provide a cheap virtual office so you can project a professional image and focus on making your business a success. We are registered with the local authority who have authorised us to provide virtual services. We have also registered for Anti-money laundering registration which is provided by HMRC.

How Mail Forwarding Works?

Popular Virtual address Questions

What is a virtual office address?

Even with the word virtual in it’s name, it is actually a real address which exists. A virtual address is an physical address which you can use to promote your business. Renting an office can be costly. A virtual address is a solution for businesses that want to promote their business with a prestigious address without having to pay a huge amount for renting or buying.

How does a virtual address work?

Most virtual address providers generally advertise similar services which all work alike. The method is very simple. You first purchase the service along with the address you want. After the virtual provider checks all your details and gives you the thumbs up, you are ready to promote that address for your business. All mails such as letters and parcel sent to the virtual address will be forwarded to you by post or email.

Why uses a virtual address?

Virtual addresses are a popular solution for anyone that does not have a physical business premised and wants to promote their business. There are many benefits of using a virtual address, such as

  • Virtual addresses are cheaper than renting or buying.

  • Professional business image

  • Protect your home address

Are virtual address legal to use?

Virtual addresses are perfectly normal and legal to use. This service is recognised by the HMRC and Companies House. All virtual address providers are closely monitored by local authorities and other government sectors.

What is a Registered office address?

A registered office address is the official address of a company registered with Companies House. By law, any companies registered must provide a registered office address Correspondence and legal notices from UK government agencies are delivered at the registered office address.

What is Director’s Service address?

When forming a limited company, it is required to appoint one director and one shareholder minimum (They can be the same). It is also required that a correspondence address for that director is provided.

Can someone living outside UK use virtual address?

Virtual address can be purchased and used by anyone in the world. There is no restriction based on where you live. Most virtual address providers accept customers outside UK.

  • Company Mail Package
     £19.99/ 6 Months
    • London Virtual Address
    • Covers Companies House, HMRC and Intellectual Property Letters
    • Letters Are Forwarded Free Of Charge
    • Does not include business mail
  • Basic
    $£24.99/ 6 Months 
    • London Virtual Address
    • 10 Business Letters Scanned
    • Business Letters Scanned Only
    • No hard copies Forwarded
  • Popular
    Most Popular
     £39.99/ 6 Months
    • London Virtual Address
    • 20 Business letters
    • Hard copy forwarded
    • Easy & Quick Set-up
  • Premier
     £49.99/ 6 Months
    • London Virtual Address
    • 30 Business Letters
    • Hard copy forwarded
    • All Letters Scanned
    • Welcome Gift Pack

6 Reasons to Choose Us

  • No set up cost or hidden fees

  • All HMRC, Companies House and intellectual properties letters forwarded Free of charge

  • Email notification for all posts

  • Scan & Email service available for quick access

  • We guarantee price match

  • Same day service

Price Guarantee

We see ourself the cheapest in the market. If you can find anyone offering the same service for cheaper, we offer price match guarantee.