10 Facts about Cheap Virtual Office

Interested signing-up with www.cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk?

But you want to know more about them. Below you can read through ten quick facts about Cheapvirtualoffice.

#1 Cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk was officially in January 2018 in London, England. It acquired its domain in December 2018 and made live its services early 2018.

#2 They are registered with official government bodies such as Companies House, Trading Standard, local council and Anti-money laundering (ALM).

#3 In early 2018, they’ve released their first virtual address located in Central London near Baker Street and Marylebone Station.

#4 They accept International sign-up! Initially, all their virtual address services were restricted to UK clients only. However, due to high demand and interest, Cheap Virtual Office changed its policy and allowed International customers to use their virtual services. If you live outside UK and plan to register, be sure to check out their terms for more details here.

#5 They send mail alert! Cheapvirtualoffice will notify you via email every time you receive any mails. With a huge interest in customer service, they like to keep their customers updated and informed.

#6 They offer mail scanning service. It may be difficult to find companies who are willing to scan your post. Cheap Virtual Office offers scan my mail service allowing you to view your mails the same day.

Scan service package available here: https://www.cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk/packages/.
Explanation of the Scan service and more: https://www.cheapvirtualoffice.co.uk/our-services-explained.

#7 They allow customers to use their address on Companies House, HMRC and Intellectual Properties. Some virtual address providers may restrict this, allowing address to be used for business mails only. Cheapvirtualoffice does not have this restriction and offers its clients a service called Registered office address for official use.

#8 They offer price-match. Cheap virtual office is known to be one of the cheapest in the market, offering excellent service for low fees. They are confident with their prices and willing to match price their competitors.

#9 They will hold yours letters. If you accidentally receive mails outside your package plan,
Cheapvirtualoffice will hold them for you and notify you. You will have enough time to upgrade. More information can be found here.

#10 They have super-fast Joining process. From its quick registration form to uploading your documents online, Cheap Virtual Office has a method in place allowing you to be verified within a short period of time. You can find testimonies from their Google review here.

So, there we have it, 10 Facts about CheapVirtualoffice.co.uk.

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