What is a Virtual Address and How Does it Work?

If you’re eager to learn about virtual addresses, and how they work. You’re in the right place. In an era marked by remote and digital working, the idea of having a physical office is now evolving. Renting an office, particularly in London, is becoming increasingly expensive and as a business, if you simply want a mailing address then eating up a considerable chunk of profit is just not ideal. In a post-COVID-19 world, there is a rise in businesses being created from the comfort of homes – however, they seem to fall at the first hurdle when it comes to officially registering their business with Companies House as they do not want their home addresses to be public. This is why many start-ups are turning to the idea of a virtual address to meet their business and administrative needs. Several other types of businesses regardless of size and scale are also finding the concept of a virtual address an attractive choice for multiple reasons. Before we find out these reasons it’s important to understand how a virtual address service works.

What is a Virtual Address?

It is essentially a service that allows businesses to handle their mail remotely by using an actual address provided by virtual address providers – without the need of having the overhead costs of a physical office and maintenance of said office. A virtual address can be used to store and forward mail, can be used on your websites, invoices as well as registering with Companies House without compromising on privacy.

As well as the above, virtual addresses are often accompanied by additional services should you wish to opt in for those packages. For example, most virtual addresses allow you to have your mail delivered, which you can either collect physically or get forwarded to your home. If you have letters being delivered, then some address providers also offer the service of having them scanned and emailed over for your remote viewing on that very same day.

Similarly, some providers offer packages that come with call handling, which means a professional receptionist to answer your calls, take messages, and so on. A few other services may include the use of meeting rooms so that you can meet any clients or customers in person without giving away your home address if that is where you work. To view a full list of services that Cheap Virtual Office has to offer then please click here.

How Does a Virtual Address Work?

There are a number of providers that offer virtual addresses, and although there may be varying features most of them operate the same. Having said that it is best to seek out the best provider that has the services you require to fit your business needs and budget best. Once you have selected the desired provider, you will usually pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use the virtual address as your official correspondence. Once subscribed the provider will open an account and you will be able to use the services that come with the virtual address. The service will allow you to use the address on official registration processes and use it as a mailing address where the staff of the provider will receive, process, store, scan, forward, and discard your mail depending on the type of service you subscribed to. The handling of mail is a small aspect of the virtual address service, however there is potential access to a variety of other services which is also offered by most providers, some of which has been discussed above – making having a virtual address for businesses that tad bit more attractive than just a PO box.

What Benefits are there?

We have already mentioned a few reasons why there is such a hype behind virtual addresses, but there is so much more. Here are five other benefits:

1. Cost-effective
– As mentioned in the introduction, renting an actual office, especially in London can be quite steep – so a virtual address comes with the perfect solution. They can give you exactly what you need at a fraction of the price, without having to worry about utility and maintenance fees.

Credibility – These virtual addresses tend to be at a prime or commercialised location, allowing your business to have an air of credibility and professionalism. Giving your business a good first impression for potential investors, customers, and clients.

3. Time efficiency and flexibility
– After the COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses are encouraging remote work allowing the flexibility to fit in work around daily lives, and a virtual address supports this style of working. With a virtual address, your staff can save save time and money where it would have been spent on traveling to a location and simultaneously helping overall productivity.

4. Privacy – To officially register on Companies House, you would need an address, and this address gets published on their website and can be seen by anyone. By choosing a virtual address, companies can protect personal addresses from being published and in turn protect their privacy.

5. Reduced carbon emissions – If you care about the environment then this is another reason why choosing a virtual address will tie in with your ideal. You minimise the use of fuel, paper, and gas hence reducing carbon emissions.

These are just the basic benefits. One of the best features of a virtual address is that it comes with many more additional benefits if you choose a more elaborate package. With all these benefits it is no surprise that virtual addresses are becoming increasingly popular. By embracing this new evolution of virtual addresses and with the right provider, businesses put themselves ahead of the game allowing for focus on growth and profitability. With so much to gain, it becomes the practicable solution for business in today’s business climate.

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