Benefits of using virtual address

New start-ups inevitably face many challenges surviving their business and staying alive. Reports from the SBA states that 30% of new businesses fail during the first 2 years of selling, whilst 50% in first 5 years and 66% in first 10.

As a virtual address provider, we support new start-ups by providing a virtual address which gives them a huge advantage and boost in comparison to having a physical address which costs a ton of money.

Here are some benefits of buying a virtual address from us,

1. Make your business look more professional
If your a small company hoping to look big amongst big competitors in every direction, displaying a good business address for your website, emails, Companies House, business cards etc must be on your priority list. You want your customers to be impressed by your address and not see you as a small fish. Our virtual address will definitely help boost your business and give you that professional look which it needs.

2. Super cheap
Renting an office without a doubt will cost you a huge amount of money especially in London. A virtual address on the other hand is much more cheaper and more suitable for new-startups.

3. Hiding your home address
A typical mistake that business owners make when registering their company official on Companies House is that they use their home address as the Registered Office address and Director’s correspondence address. Although, in essence this is accepted by Companies House, you are actually exposing your home address on public record which can now be seen by anyone who searches your company.  This is dangerous as you don’t want your clients knocking on your door asking for refunds.

4. No commute time
Having a virtual address gives you the advantage to work from anywhere at anytime, even in another country. You will save a ton of money which generally is required especially travelling around London either by car or public transport. Secondly, you save the time from your travel which can be contributed towards your business every day.

5. Short term contract
One problem with renting a physical address is the duration of the rental agreement. Landlords prefer long-term contract which is a problem for new businesses as you don’t know the future of your business model. Will it do good or will it crumble? With short office contracts, early termination is helpful as you can cancel the contract if the business does not do well or fails. Virtual address in this context is perfect due to it being cheap and duration. Most virtual address providers including us provide the address for one year with not strings attached.

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