New Year’s resolution ideas 2019: Here are the most popular choices in relation to business

The new year is slowly nearing with 2019 around the corner. New years’s resolutions are amazing opportunity for all
those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make tomorrow, next week, next month
or maybe when summer starts.

Here is a list of 5 thing to add to your New Years resolution.

Learn a new skill

New skills
In a constantly changing world, learning new skills is highly recommended, specially, if you are running a business.
you think about the things you do on a daily routine, you most likely won’t put learning new things on the list.
Living a busy, hectic lifestyle makes it difficult to think about exploring new skills. However, we should try our best
to squeeze in some skills in our life so that we can grow our business in a new innovative way.

Buy a diary

Dates of meetings, events, special occasion, assignments, business meetings etc are piling up on our schedule before
the week even begins. An easy, inexpensive way to manage time well is to keep a calendar diary.  Advantages of
having a diary with you are many such as you can track due dates, see availability quickly and be more organised.

Meet new people / Build more connection

You may be a CEO who says “I don’t have time to go to events or build network”.  However, meeting new faces and
building your network might be exactly what your company needs to grow. People are talented in different fields.
Why not build a network and find key figures that can give your business a boost in growth and profit.

Read more

There are many benefits to reading more. Such as it can improve your conversational skill. Reading increases your
vocabulary and your knowledge of how to correctly use new words. As a business owner, you will need to sharpen
your conversational skill which can come in use to impress clients and build more business connection.

Turn your phone off

If you own a smart phone, you know how useful at times it can be – also distracting – it can be. Smartphones can be
of great use like communicating with family and friends, checking your social media accounts, growing your business
and more. At the same time, most of us have already recognised how overly dependant we are with out smart phones.
Utilising your smart phone for useful use is good and should be used. However, at times we can be sucked into our
phones that we spend way too much time without the need.

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