What is a Confirmation Statement?

In 2016, Companies House introduced the confirmation statement, a method to report your company information and to ensure all your details are up to date with Companies House.

It is compulsory for every company to file a confirmation statement. By doing so, you are updating Companies House with information which is relevant and up to date. A confirmation statement needs to be filled once a year.

Not filing your confirmation statement

You can commit a criminal offence by not filing your confirmation statement within the deadline period. Moreover, the company and also personals in charge may be prosecuted, which can lead to the company being struck off.

Remember – keep a note or set a reminder of the date it needs to be filled.

How to file it?
Confirmation statement can be filled online (Fastest way to do it): https://ewf.companieshouse.gov.uk//seclogin?tc=1
Alternatively, you can also file a paper statement, price can be seen here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/confirmation-statement-guidance

What are the fees?
There is a fee of £13 when you file your confirmation statement. There is no extra fees if you file it more than once in the 12 months period. Alternatively, you can file a paper statement which costs £40.

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