What is a Registered Office Address?

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A registered office address is the official address of a company registered with Companies House. By law, any companies registered must provide a registered office address Correspondence and legal notices from UK government agencies are delivered at the registered office address.

In plain English – When you decide to become official and register your company as a Limited company. You are required to provide an address for that company.

Can I use my home as a Registered office address?

It is legally acceptable to use your home address as your registered office. However, it is not advisable doing so. Why? Your registered office will be visible on Companies House, which means anyone can search up your company and see your home address. Now you don’t want your customers knocking on your door, do you? hmmm

Can the Registered Office be a foreign address?

If you are a non-UK resident, unfortunately you won’t be able to use an address in your country. It has to be an address in the UK.

Can I change my registered office address?

You can change your Registered office address any time. You do not have to keep the same one. To make the change, you need to log into company’s house and make the change.

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